Logicités works either in French or English with a wide range of services concerning urban freight and last mile delivery as well as the understanding of global supply chains. Logicités clients are public structures, among which many local authorities, but also real estate groups and developers, retail groups, transport and logistics services suppliers.

Logicités supports these projects alone or in partnership with several consultancy firms.

Urban freight

Study and implementation of innovative urban freight solutionsglobal analysis of specific local problematics, diagnostic of delivery area, meetings with economic actors, consultation process and local urban freight chartermarket surveybenchmark of innovative solutions, support of operational implementation, study of real estate implementationfor last mile delivery and urban freight.

Audit of delivery parking areas

Diagnostic of delivery parking areas on an urban territory, meetings with economic actors, in the field diagnostic of delivery conditions, mapping of delivery parking areas and expertise on the adequation of these areas to the needs, as well as the technical conditions, analysis of local regulations and comparison with the physical areas, improvement propositions concerning delivery parking and conditions.

Last-mile e-commerce solutions

Study and implementation of last-mile delivery solutions :  complete overview of delivery solutions (direct delivery and out of home delivery), undestanding of global last mile delivery trends, support of operational implementation, market survey, global assistance to innovative projects.

Study and advise for the implementation of urban logistics buildings

Support of real estate developers and investors, as well as local authorities on the study and the implementation of real estate logistics inside the cities. Developement of an argumentation, market survey, study of the fonctional characteristics of the building, calculation of the vehicle and goods flows, of the environmental impact, fonctional and marketing expertise.

Support of innovative projects

Support of urban goods mobility and e-commerce delivery projects : market survey, marketing strategy, definition of the commercial offer, international benchmark, strategic advise, support of operational implementation of a service or of an industrial solution. Logicités’ proposal includes the study of new delivery technologies, comodality services, but also cycle logistics and carbon-free delivery.

Sustainable development logistics studies

With its logistics expertise, Logicités provides a specific view to sustainable development problematics on a territory. Study of construction logistics solutions, logistics chains of waste collection and transformation, short food-supply chains, wholsesale markets. These logistics chains require a logistics expertise concerning collection, distribution and optimization of logistics operations.

Conferences, consultation, training course

Knowledge sharing and professional consultation are part of the origin of Logicités’ project. Internal training or student courses on urban freight, round table discussions, professional consultation on local urban freight problematics, start-up pitch, internal seminars. Logicités is used to work, prepare and adapt its solutions to the specific requirements.